The Story of Cape Vineyards

In 2010, after many years of wine making and researching the best land in Prince Edward County, Michael Lewis found Cape Vessey. He purchased 120 acres of prime land protected by a limestone rock escarpment and Lake Ontario. The property included a large vineyard that was planted in the 1990's that needed extensive work to restore, it was the perfect canvas to build the winery.

Slowly and carefully along with his partner Kristen Rogers the vineyard was brought back to life. Our approach was to do the work ourselves and use biodynamic farming principals with respect for our land and surrounding water. We take a minimalist approach to any sprays that are required. We saved as much vinifera as possible and added additional varietals to round out a balanced portfolio.

Construction of the winery started in January 2013. We took on most of the build ourselves. With the enlisted help of family and friends, the building was wrapped up with our opening to the public in July 2014.

Michael's approach to his wine making is, let the grapes speak for themselves. We do the work by hand. We pick our grapes by hand, crush, gently press and rack the wines. The wines clarify using gravity, time and natural cooling methods. He doesn't add any extra additives, preservatives, industrial yeasts or bacterias, colourants, thickeners, water, sugar, or substances for clarifying or finishing the wines. Our wines contain only 100% locally grown grapes.

Kristen Rogers was born and raised in Prince Edward County, grew up on a farm in Cherry Valley and spent her childhood working on the farm. At the age of 15 she planted her first vineyard for Chris and Nora Rogers owners of the Waring House. Kristen had fallen in love with grape growing and Prince Edward County wine. Together Michael and Kristen continue living and working toward their dreams at Cape Vineyards.